About TGS

Founders Welcome

Learning for self, society and a sustainable future

We take great pleasure in welcoming our families and friends to TGS. It is with great pride that we share this pleasure with our dedicated teachers who have made TGS theirs.Their strong sense of ownership and dedication makes TGS a special place to work and for our students a special place to learn.We are a family and work as a team to give our very best to benefit all. We as Founders use our considerable experience in education to give your child the education they deserve by supporting a nurturing, creative, innovative and passionate learning environment.

Our vission, Mission & Core values

Learning for self, society and a sustainable future

Our Vision

Our vision at TGS is to offer a through train, Early Years to University entrance. In addressing our concerns regarding the climate situation we are extending our campus and building a Green campus giving our children ownership, awareness, and responsibility to the world at large in caring for our climate. Our teaching staff is well qualified but by encouraging them to continue their professional studies to gain further qualifications. With regular in-house training and workshops, we envision their growth to become that of world-class practitioners, allowing both teachers and students to hold their own anywhere in this ever-changing world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop every child’s spiritual, moral, social, emotional, and physical being through a learning experience that recognizes every child as an individual but also as an effective contributor to society. To enhance the teaching profession using Western Methodology, offering our children a safe, creative, and happy learning environment with first-class results. We aim to teach our children how to learn and how to love to learn By recognizing that all children learn differently and acknowledging the different intelligences. We aim to offer each child a unique learning journey through Active Integrated Learning.

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